Adam Burke is our fearless comic leader.  Most nights, he can be seen hosting Wiggle Room and I love it when he actually gets to do a set.  He is absolutely one of the funniest people to take our stage and we are incredibly lucky to have him.

WR:  You book all the comics at Wiggle Room.  What do you look for?

AB: A certain je ne sais quoi…actually the boring answer is just quality. Wiggle Room comics do fifteen or twenty minute sets; comics not only need that amount of solid material but also the ability to relax and engage the audience in a really intimate setting.

WR: You’re known for having a prodigious vocabulary.  Is there a word you have not been able to work into your material?

AB: One of my favorite words is pusillanimous. I like it ‘cos it sounds like a word you want to hear Daffy Duck say. I have to cut words out of jokes all the time because I realize I’m just stroking my own lexicon. I used to have a bit where I referred to a “Precambrian Behemoth” but a comic pointed out the Precambrian period was all small animals, which sucks ‘cos I just liked saying Precambrian. It’s fun. Try it.

WR: What topics are off limits for you on stage?

The Peloponnesian War.

Um…good question. I would say “none’ but with reservations; I guess a topic would be off limits to me if I didn’t think I could talk about it in a way that’s honest, silly, and with language that appeals to me. Take marriage equality for instance; I don’t have a “gay marriage” bit but I do talk briefly about marriage equality but in the context of divorce because I am a divorced person.  And I get to say “Redbull FlugTag” in the bit. Which is fun to say. Try it.

WR: What’s the cutest name you’ve ever called a lover?

AB: Kapellmeister. Try it.

WR: What’s the worst thing someone has called you? Was it accurate?

AB; Oof. There’s been so many. I think the worst is when someone says you’re a bad person. Because that probably is accurate on some level.




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