Jeff Steinbrunner is one of Wiggle Room’s main stays (or is it mains stay?)  He can often be seen at the helm as one of our hosts.  Jeff is one of the funniest upcoming Chicago comics and has great advice for stimulating the clitoris – just ask him. Check Jeff out on Facebook and Follow him on Twitter.

WR: In one word, describe your experience with DMT.

JS: Necessary

WR: Tell us the truth, did you buy the electric blue suit just for Wiggle Room?

jeff-steinbrunnerJS: Well, I honestly bought it because I love attention, but Wiggle Room brings out the kind of audiences you want the most attention from. They’re always so fun and wild. It is true that I found it an hour before the show and changed into it in my car on Michigan Ave.

WR: What topics are off limits for you on stage?

JS: None, really. Not that I’ll dive into anything, I don’t like the idea of telling jokes from a place of ignorance or having material I can’t defend. Instead of highly political or offensive humor I normally test boundaries of stupidity.

WR: What’s the cutest name you’ve ever called a lover?

JS: Our baby talk devolved quickly into nonsense. “Buvser” was one of my favorites to say and sounded funny in all occasions; whispered passionately, between kisses while parting, and especially through a mouthful of scrambled eggs.

WR: What’s the worst thing someone has called you? Was it accurate?

JS: Mollycoddled. And after finding a dictionary, yeah, pretty accurate.




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