Mike Lebovitz is not to be missed.  He’s like a not-quite-up-to-safety-code roller coaster that likes to talk about poop – but in a good way. Seriously.  Not to be missed.  Check Mike out on Facebook and Follow him on Twitter.

WR: While skimming your Twitter feed, I notice the word “poop” a lot.  What’s your infatuation?

mike_lebovitzML: Infatuation? I wouldn’t have put it that way. You’re the one who picked that one word out of my twitter feed, perhaps it’s you with the infatuation, hmmm? But poop is definitely funny, any four-year-old could tell you that. It’s this weird, brown, smelly stuff that comes out of your bh. It’s funny, inherently.

WR: You’ve done stand up in strip clubs and at Wiggle Room.  In one word, what’s the biggest difference?

ML: One word? “Class.” Or maybe “Everything.” There’s no tease in a strip club. They don’t really “strip.” It’s already naked girls grinding on you, it’s kind of a misnomer. Don’t get me wrong, I love strip clubs, and some of that pole work takes real skill and artistry, but it’s completely different from what you do a the Wiggle Room. And strip club patrons definitely have ZERO interest in listening to stand-up comedy, so that’s another distinction.

WR: What topics are off limits for you on stage?

ML: Celebrity gossip. It’s so stupid and pointless to me. Not only do I not care, I don’t understand how it is possible to care. I will never discuss it in my show. Holocaust, rape and 9/11 are all a go for me though.

WR: What’s the cutest name you’ve ever called a lover?

ML: That’s personal. But I can’t promise it was not poop-related. 

WR: What’s the worst thing someone has called you? Was it accurate?

ML: Chris Condron called me a hack one time. That hurt my feelings. Many years ago, I attended a baseball camp where the boys called me “the girl” all summer long. Both were true.




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